Naknek, AK is a village of approximately 500 permanent residents located on the north bank of the Naknek River. Tucked in the northeastern corner of Bristol Bay, Naknek is 300 miles southwest of Anchorage. Naknek is a neighbor to the scenic Katmai National Monument and is only a short drive from some of the world's best sport fishing.

Temperatures in Naknek can be very extreme with winter lows dipping well below zero and summer highs reaching into the upper eighties Fahrenheit. Average temperatures tend to be less dramatic with winter temperatures staying close to freezing and summer temperatures rising into the fifties and low sixties Fahrenheit. Total precipitation averages 20" annually including 45" of snowfall.

The company began as Nelbro Packing Company which was founded in 1961 by the Nelson brothers, long time residents of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The origins of the company were in the Coleman Building in downtown Seattle and a plant located in Naknek, Alaska. The plant at that time consisted of a barge tied to a dock where fish were hand butchered and canned on one of two canning lines. The people that fished at that time used small power boats and gillnets to catch and transport the salmon.

Nelbro experienced steady growth through the sixties, seventies and in the eighties started the Southeast Alaska operation and purchased the Egegik Fish Camp. In 1999 the company was purchased by Kanaway Seafoods, a division of Canadian Fishing Company, seafood processors with a long history in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

This Naknek facility has earned a reputation for delivering a high quality canned salmon, fresh and frozen salmon, and salmon roe products to our markets around the world.

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